Jul 16, 2007

Japanese thoughts

There is spoken language and the written language. Kanji has deep meanings contained within each one. Much different than what us who are stifled by the alphabet. We can see the meaning of things inside the kanji. Therefore from the get go, we should try to ween ouselves from the temptation to look up words in romaji to decipher meaning. We should use a dictionary like sanseidos daily concise.
Week 1 verbs - Drink, Sleep,Eat, go hataraku. Put verbs in all bases. Nouns: coffee, tea , milk m water,m coca cola , sake , aqquarius, beer, juice. Adjectives - oishii, sutekina, benri na, okiim nagaim samui, atsui, chisaii, mijikai. Grammer masu, masen, masen deshita etc, BII +tai desu = I want to. polite form, lets = BII+masho long o etc
Adjectives- are fun to play with Practive putting the adjectives in fron of a noun etfc

Japanetics is Language learning to the max