Sep 6, 2011

The Kanji For Man In Japanese

The kanji for man in Japanese is easy to learn and memorize.

The word for man is otoko and it looks like this . It is really made of two other kanji stacked one on top of the other. The kanji on top is the word for field, ta or . The kanji on bottom is the symbol for power, chikara or . We can easily remember the kanji for otoko by thinking of a powerful person working in the field. I think chikara  looks like a sword on a samurai who is very powerful. Field, or  is just a box cut into quarters like a rice field would be divided. To make the otoko, or man kanji, just put a field, or on top of power, or力. 

In review, the word for man in Japanese is otoko, and it looks like this 男.
In hiragana otoko is おとこ.  

Towards Better Japanese Ganbatte ne! Do Your Best! Makurasuki