Mar 11, 2009

The word for ladybug and snail in Japanese

I happened to see a lady bug in my front lawn or yard and since it the season of spring is basically here in my new state of Georgia, I thought about posting the Japanese word which is てんとう虫 for all Japanetics users.

I also was thinking about the word (ladybug) and how it may have came to be etymologically. I mean we have words like dandelion which have the word lion in them - is it because the dandelion looks like the tail of a lion? perhaps... then what about the word - ladybug - Does it look like or act like a lady in some way? perhaps...

I also wanted to post here the word for snail かたつむり since it is so slow and since the French find them appetizing, and used in so many different ways in English, it might also be useful in Japanese.

This much I do find useful - the word mushi 虫 is often used in Japan and I love its kanji which actually looks like a bug - for example the word for rotted tooth or cavity is 虫歯 or mushiba - together that would be bug tooth.

in summary the words for today's Japanese lesson are

1. ladybug - or てんとう虫 tento^ mushi
2. tooth cavity - 虫歯 - mushiba
3. snail - かたつむり - katatsumuri

* saying katatsumuri outloud makes me feel sluggish especially the tsumu part --- yuck!@#$% I can see the snail trail from here! Yikes!

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