Jul 16, 2007

on Japanese trains

There are a couple of key phrases I wish I had learned earlier when visiting Japan. When traveling, I lost a lot of time because I didn't know the difference between a futsu, kyuko, or a tokkyu train was. In visiting Japan, you are more than likely, at some point, going to become familiar with the train and subway system in Japan.

The Japan Railway or JR as it is called, has various types of trains that differ in job function. For example the tokkyu densha or the (special limited express train), doesn't stop as frequently as does the kyuukou (express train). Railways are heavily relied upon in Japan. It is a big part of their lives. People are always going somewhere by train, or by subway, or bus. If you plan on getting somewhere on time you better take the train.

Aside from needing to know the word for train(densha) and train station(eki), it is helful to know how to say or be able to comprehend the three main types of trains that run throughout each day in any typical Japanese urban city. Knowing these train words will save a traveller some time.
If all else fails the best way to communicate however is in English. Japanese study English in school, and are eager to practice it when they can.

Dozo – Dozo is a fun word that you will hear more often than not. It means to go ahead with something as in this example:

Dozo tabete kudasai.(go ahead and eat).

You might hear dozo when in a que or line at the supaa. O saki ni Dozo(go ahead, after you). Or you may hear it starting with Dozo as in this example:

Dozo, O saki ni – Go ahead, you first I insist.

Japanetics is Language learning to the max