May 18, 2008

Just verb and See Japanese Grammar Base TE + Miru

Japanese Grammar Plug and Play
Japanese Lesson #95

Base TE + Miru – To see about verb’ing, to verb and see.

Putting verbs into base te

Bu, mu, nu, --> NDE
U, TSU, RU, --> TTE
KU --> ITE

Suru --> shite

In all the examples, miru - to see

1. Hanashite miru 話して見る
I’ll try talking to him. (Talk to him and see, hanashite miru)
Hanasu – v. to speak (with)

2. ITTE MIRUって見る
I’ll go check it out (Go and see, itte miru)
Iku – v. to go,

3. Tabete miyo^ ka? 食べて見ようか?
Shall we try it? (The food) Let’s eat and see.
Taberu – v. to eat

4. Nonde mitara 飲んで見ったら
What if you tried to drink it, go ahead, see what it tastes like. (Drink and see) Nomu – v. to drink

5. Monku o iute mitara ..? 文句を言ってみたら
What about voicing your complaints? (Complain and see)
Monku o iu – v. to complain, to say a ‘monku’.

6. Yonde mireba…? 読んで見れば
Why don’t you read it and see? Try reading it for yourself, could you?
Yomu – v. to read

7. Tanonde miru 頼んで見る
Ask and see.
Tanomu 頼む– v. to request, ask a favor, to ask

8. Yatte miru やって見る
Try it and see.
Yaru – v. to do, to try.

9. Mite mitara 見て見ったら
Look and see.
Miru – v. to see.

Til lates,
Ganbatte Ne!


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