May 8, 2008

wierd Japanese words

Many words in Japanese don’t have exact, equivalent translations in English. Japan has a very old national history dating back to at least 600 A.D. The Japanese language has been evolving since even before that time. Customs and traditions are different and unique to each country’s environment and history. Words, phrases, and expressions also are unique to each country's environment and history. Here are some Japanese phrases that have evolved in Japan that we just don't have in English.

(御) お- 世話 様 でした – O-SEWA SAMA DESHITA – You did a terribly awfully nice favor for me and I am completely grateful and you really helped a lot.

御 苦労 様 でした - GO-KURO^ SAMA DESHITA – You worked very hard today and we pay thee much respect and thanks for your hard efforts, it must have been a lot of hard work but good going and thanks.

疲れ 様 でした - O TSUKARE SAMA DESHITA - You tired yourself out and did a great job. Thanks for the great work you have done.
余計なお-世話 だ! - YOKEI NA O-SEWA DA! – It’s None Of Your (Darn) Business!

おりこさん- ORIKO SAN – He is such a good kid, or she is so well behaved.

じゃね - JA NE – see ya, later, adios, ciao, lates, see you on the flipside, peace out

でわ また- Dewa Mata – until next time, see you later, talk at you soon, peace out

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