Jul 8, 2008

Words for delicious in Japanese

So you have learned how to say oishii to signify your gratitude for the hearty portion of sushi you have just eaten. Well when on the most southern island of Kyushu try these varieties for differing effects on your hosts. Next time you are invited to a meal in Kyushu and the food was exceptionally good say the following to show your appreciation:

1. bariuma - nice, tasty delicious, very good, superb, frikkin awesome homie! - bari being the intensifier and umai meaning sweet or oishii or in other words delicious.

2. barioishii - same as in 1 above.

3. mechauma - an abbreviation of mechakucha and umai or the intensifier mechakucha meaning absurd, unreasonable + sweet (or good, delicious) so mechauma would literally mean absurdly delicious.

4. bakauma - baka + umai - foolishly delicious

As always, Do your best! Ganbatte Ne! Makurasuki Sensei.

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