Aug 19, 2008

Some useful Japanese words and phrases

Here are some useful Japanese words and phrases and their colloquial English equivalents.

1. とんでもない -
ton demo nai - It is nothing at all or, no big deal.

2. 大したもんじゃない -
taishita mon ja nai - It is no big thing or, nothing special at all.

3.  多分-
tabun - probably

4.  その通りです-
sono to^ri desu - That's it Watson!. That is it exactly, precisely.

5. たしかに -
tashika ni - For sure, surely, definately.

6. もちろん -
mochiron - Of course.

7. そんなことないよ ! -
sonna koto nai yo! - No way Jose! That isn't right! It isn't like that at all.

8.  成程 -
naruhodo - I see..., or now I get it.

9. やっぱり-
yappari - As you would think, or I thought so, or after all, naturally, obviously etc.

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