Aug 11, 2008

Japanese Word to cry Naku

Japanese word of many colors

Naku 泣く is a verb of many colors. A chameleon of Japanese words so to speak. What naku can do in one word takes English 13 or more words for it is the word used for cats mewing, dogs barking, birds chirping, horses neighing, frogs croaking, crows crowing, cawing or cooing. It is also the word for yelping, mooing, warbling and quacking, The Japanese verb naku鳴く means to cry. The Japanese verb naku 泣くstanding water means to cry also, as when humans cry.

Let’s put naku泣くinto the 5 grammar bases of Japanese

Naku in Base I = Naka泣か
Naku in Base II = Naki 泣き
Naku in Base III = Naku 泣く
Naku in base IV = Nake 泣け
Naku in base V = Nako 泣こ

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