Nov 4, 2008

Put your linguistical thinking cap on for some Japanese Dialects study

Verb Base I + n(ん)

Something I often heard in Fukuoka which was never a part of my classical Japanese language training. I put it forth here for your curious perusal. I will try to break the Japanese grammar of these constructions into parts that are decipherable. This type of talk is confined mainly to northern kyushu but specifically, Fukuoka.

a. start with a Japanese verb in Plain Form like noru - v. to ride.

b. put noru 乗る into its base I + nai equivalent
noru in base I is nora 乗ら.
Add + nai --> noranai 乗らない.
take off the ai so that you are left with the brute stem of nora + n. thus
noran -

so that norande - is this stem in base TE and is equivalent to noranaide + kudasai but it is not so polite;you could even say it is more base, or even vulgar language.

noran - is the form that is made in this Fukuoka dialect Japanese.
other examples would be

ikan 行かん- not go - ikanai - iku 行く v. to go.
taben 食べん- not eat - tabenai 食ない - taberu 食べる v. to eat.
sen せん - not do - shinai しない - suru する v. to do.
noman 飲まん- not drink - nomanai 飲まない - nomu (飲む) v. to drink.

Try putting other Japanese verbs you know into this naide kudasai or please don't Japanese grammar construction.

for all base I + nai(de)ない(で) there will be the dialectical base I + n(de) ん(で)

thus we can have in dialectical form for

for every verb in base I + naide there is base I + nde

It is possible to add even more grammar constructions to the dialectical form verb stem as you would do it in other forms (polite,rude, middle of the road)

All of the below Japanese dialect variants from their standard Japanese counter-parts are possible.

ikandoki (行かんどき) - "You'd be better off, not going.", or "Make sure you don't go."
t goes to voiced d in ikande+oku
verb base I + nde (or base te rude form)+ oki (te+oku,oku in base II semi command form)

noman to akan to^ - You better take (drink) your medicine! or literally, if you don't drink it won't open up, (and thats for surely bad.)

to^ (とう)- ?

食ないで = 食べんで
する- the verb to do
せん = しない
しないで = しない + de = せんで

行く- v. to go
行かんで = 行かないで = ikanaide = don't go

please see also base te + oku ghetto grammar 101 at squidoo

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