Dec 15, 2008

Japanese grammar - Japanese Intensifiers

Intesifiers in Japanese
Japanese intensifiers

Put a Japanese verb into its extensor form, Base II, then add + any of these to make the verb easy or hard to perform:

1. yasui – easy; simple
2. tsurai – hard to deal with, handle; hardship; difficult.
3. nikui – difficult;hard

1a. add yasui to yaru
やりやすい – yariyasui  - easy to play, do

1b. add yasui to suru
しやすい – shiyasui - easy to do

1c. add yasui to taberu
食べやすい - tabeyasui – easy to eat

1d. add yasui to noru
乗りやすい - noriyasui– easy to ride

2a. add tsurai to suru
しづらい - hard to do

2b. add tsurai to yaru

やりづらい - hard to play, do

3a. add nikui to hiku
引きにくい – hikinikui - hard to play, or pull

3b. add nikui to hanasu
 話しにくい– hanashinikui - hard to speak

3c. add nikui to miru
見にくい– Minikui - hard to look at; ugly

* tsu becomes dzu or zu when compounded
or しづらい not しつらい.
dzu not tsu after the shi in shidzurai (shizurai).
Yarizurai – hard to do,
shitsurai or shizurai – hard to do*

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