Dec 29, 2010

Telling the Time in Japanese - Hour Counters in Japanese

To say, "What time is it?" in Japanese say
Nanji desu ka?

If it is eight o'clock you can then answer with the word now or ima 今

Ima hachiji desu (今 八時 です) - It is now eight o'clock.

The hour counter in Japanese is ji or

ichiji - one o'clock
niji - two o'clock
sanji - three o'clock
yoji - four o'clock
goji - five o'clock
rokuji - six o'clock
shichiji - seven o'clock
hachiji - eight o'clock
kuji - nine o'clock
juuji - ten o'clock
juuichiji - eleven o'clock
juuniji - twelve o'clock

nanji? - what hour?
何時 - what hour?

一 時 - one o'clock
二 時 - two o'clock
三 時 - three o'clock
四 時 - four o'clock
五 時 - five o'clock
六 時 - six o'clock
七 時 - seven o'clock
八 時 - eight o'clock
九 時 - nine o'clock
十 時 - ten o'clock
十一 時 - eleven o'clock
十二 時 - twelve o'clock

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