May 15, 2008

Japanese grammar - Base II + sugiru

In Excess – too much
When enough, is ENOUGH!
Verb (base II) + sugiru (過ぎる)

Do you overeat? Are there things which you indulge upon which others consider to be excessive. Gambling, money, sex, watching too much T.V.?

To say that you verb too much in Japanese, use the following construct:

Verb (base II) + SUGIRU 過ぎる

Any verb put into Base II can be added unto, with sugiru.

Example 1. yarisugi da ne やりすぎだね– you over do it man!

Example .2. oso^sugi 遅すぎ– used with adjectives becoming – “its too late”, hayasugi (too)
early), nagasugi 長過ぎ( too long), okiisugi 大き過ぎる(too big).

Example.3. ~tai of base II forming to want to endings becomes

Verb(Base II) + tasugi - even tai which is a form of the verb tagaru acts as adjectivial end meaning to desire the verb excessively

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