May 19, 2008

Japanese gerund - making the verb present tense

In English we learn about the Gerund. Todays blog looks into the Japanese gerund
To say that you are verb' ing right now in the present, use the following construction:

verb (base TE) + iru

Iru the existence verb to be can itself be past, present, negative or positive so that you can have

verb (base TE) + ita - past positive

verb (base TE) + inakatta - past negative

verb (base TE) + iru - future or present tense positive


verb (base TE) + inai - future or present tense negative


1. hanashite iru - talking (now)
2. mite iru - watching (now)
3. ugoite iru - moving
4. sunde iru - residing in

To say that you were verbing put the iru into its past form ita or imashita (polite)

1. hanashite ita - were or was talking
2. mite imashita - was watching etc.

same for negative present and past so that

1. hanashite inai - not talking
2. mite imasen deshita - wasn't watching it

hope you liked todays blog it was made on the fly as best as I could, thanks and don't forget to leave comments/

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