Jun 30, 2008

Just some Thoughts Japanese Language Learning

一日中 - ichi nichi jyuu

whether the romanization of the above jyuu should be written as

1. jyuu - 中

2. ju -

3. ju^ - the ^ carat used as the long vowel sound.

美人 - びじん (Bijin)- A babe, a beautiful lady, lit. beautiful person The first kanji in this kanji compound is the kanji for utsukushii that is read as Bijin (pronounced bee-jeen). Lot of space in the mouth when pronouncing this i or the bi or ji or ee to bee or jeen; as in kanojo wa bijin da ne!

人数 ninzu - literally a person number, a count of the people, a census, population; as in ninzu ga oi.

The word for peacock in Japanese is easy to remember if you had ever seen the T.V. show Cojak. I always related that show Cojak to the Japanese word kujaku or peacock. Cojak and kujaku are pronounced very nearly the same. You want to build your vocabulary from a strong base not a weak one. Through this and other such cognitives to help me remember all the words in Japanese even though, I am past the threshold of ever possessing the tongue of a native, nor the understanding of one. But still in all the endeavors which ever did stir tal wilkinfield I want to marry her. I hope she is still available.

Strong word associations like these are the keys to long lasting memory. Strong visual cues, an infinite possibility. Fibonacci88. I have never forgotten the word for peacock, kujaku, since I first put to it my imagery and unique way of identifying with a known word and fudging the pronunciation of the words a little bit and before long, you will have that 6000 word vocabulary... but can you wield it correctly? How do you know you are doing it right?

word and may never lose the ability to forget that word. Because all my Japanese to English thteth are hethieoht

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