Jun 13, 2008

Quick Japanese lesson

Quick and easy Japanese lesson
First we start off with the Japanese word for big or large.

Notice in the following that

questions start with D sounds
here proximity starts with K sound
there proximity starts with S sound
over there proximity starts with A sound

Donna ni okii desu – How Big
Konna ni okii desu - About this big
Sonna ni okii desu – About that big
Anna ni okii desu – about that big (over there).

Dore gurai? About how much do you think?
Kore gurai! About this much!
Sore gurai ! About that much!
Are gurai! About (over there) that much

Dochi? –which one?
Kochi – this one
Sochi –that one
Achi – that one (over there)

Doko? – Where?
Koko – here
Soko – there
Muko – over there

Dokora – where abouts?
Kokora – around here
Sokora –around there

Learn these useful words that all begin with mai or every

Mainichi –Every Day
Mainen - Every year
Maishu^ - Every week
Maitoshi – Every year
Maitsuki – Every Month
Maiban – every night

Mai – Every

毎- まい

毎日 - まいにち - mainichi

毎晩 - まいばん - maiban

毎週 - まいしゅう - maishuu

毎月 - まいつき - maitsuki

毎年 - まいとし - maitoshi (same as mainen)

毎年 - まいねん - mainen (two readings for the word toshi or year)

As always,
Ganbatte Ne!
Do Your Best!

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