Jun 13, 2008

japanese kinfolk to the English Demonstrative Pronoun

Here…There… And Everywhere
JPPGG supplement # 92
Japanese Kinfolk to the Demonstrative Pronoun

Notice in the following that

Interrogatives (questions) tend toward  D
here proximity  K
there proximity  S
over there proximity  A

Donna ni okii desu – How Big
Konna ni okii desu - About this big
Sonna ni okii desu – About that big
Anna ni okii desu – about that big (over there).

Dore gurai? About how much do you think?
Kore gurai! About this much!
Sore gurai ! About that much!
Are gurai! About (over there) that much

Dochi? –which one?
Kochi – this one
Sochi –that one
Achi – that one (over there)

Doko? – Where?
Koko – here
Soko – there
Muko – over there

Dokora – where abouts?
Kokora – around here
Sokora –around there

** Bonus Ghetto Word Section**
please don’t even dare thinking about using the following words

Dare? –
Koitsu! – This mofo, or this dude, or this guy, or this person!
Soitsu! - That dude! Or that bonehead there!
Aitsu! – That person over there!

Learn these useful words that all begin with mai or every

毎- まい - Mai – Every

毎日 - まいにち - Mainichi –Every Day

毎晩 - まいばん - Maiban – Every night

毎週 - まいしゅう - Maishu^ - Every week

毎月 - まいつき - Maitsuki – Every Month

毎年 - まいとし - Maitoshi – Every year

毎年 - まいねん - Mainen - Every year

毎度 - まいど - Maido – Every time

毎朝 - まいあさ Maiasa – Every morning

As always,
Ganbatte Ne!
Do Your Best!

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