Dec 4, 2010

Positive uses of the Japanese particle mo

The Japanese particle mo is a useful little syllable. You can think of mo as being the English word too, or also. Adding the syllable mo (the inclusive particle) changes the meaning of question words either positively, or negatively. Today we will look at the positive. By adding mo to words we already know we can make new words. First, memorize the question words, "Who", "What", "Where" ,"When", and "How many", then we will add mo to make new words we can add to our Japanese vocabulary arsenal.

The following constructions use a Japanese question word + mo:

dare + modaremo - 
who + also,  anyone

nani + mo, nanimo -
what + also, anything

doko + mo, dokomo -
where + also, anywhere

itsu + mo, itsumo -
when + also, all the time

nannin + mo, nanninmo -
how many people + also, many people

Again, the particle mo, represents inclusiveness or the English equivalent of the words also, or too.

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