Dec 12, 2010

Question words and the Japanese particle ka

The Japanese particle ka () is also a useful little syllable. You can think of ka as being the English question mark, or ?. Adding the syllable ka ()changes the meaning of the question words,  "Who", "What", "Where" ,"When", and "How many".

The following constructions use a Japanese question word + ka ():

dare + ka, dareka -
who + ?, someone

nani + ka, nanika -
what + ?, something

doko + ka, dokoka -
where + ?, somewhere

itsu + ka, itsuka -
when + ?, sometime

nannin + ka, nanninka -
how many people + ?, some amount of people

Again, the particle ka (), can be thought of as the English equivalent of the question mark or, ?, and it turns question words into some other things.

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